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Cabling Company in GTA

Reliable Cabling Professionals

CablingPoint is a full service structured voice and data cabling company in GTA. Our network  cable installers provide services for network and phone cabling with CAT6 low voltage wiring and fiber optic  cabling  . We install CCTV IP security Camera systems and business Paging systems.  Cabling point installers maintain existing cabling installations and manage large cabling projects.

Ekahau certified wireless network professionals

End to end Wi-Fi network solutions from Wireless network design to Wireless site surveys to installing wireless access points and configuring Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau Certified engineers at CablinPoint can troubleshoot any wireless network issue in any IT environment. Our wireless networking professionals support wireless network controllers and access point from major vendors such as Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Ubiquity etc.

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Looking for a structured cable company in GTA  who can help you with your next cabling project ? We are experienced in resolving your low voltage cabling problem or  performing wireless site survey to resolve WIFI problems. Let us know how we can help you with your wireless site survey project, paging system installation project , fiber optic cabling project , CAT6 network cabling service requirements or  data/ voice cable installation project.

Voice and Data cabling

Structured Cabling
Telephone and data cabling . Voice and CAT6 wiring for any environment. Fiber optic cable splicing and termination, testing , troubleshooting and support.

Wireless site survey

WiFi Networking

Design , testing and installation of WiFi Networks. Active and passive Wireless site surveys and heat mapping.Troubleshoot wireless network issues.

Paging Systems

Office and Warehouse paging systems design, installation and support. Upgrade and troubleshooting existing paging systems and new paging system installations.

CCTV Camera

Security system installation using IP Camera systems  and support. Upgrades old analog CCTV camera systems . Design surveillance systems with right camera type section. 

Our Services

→  Wireless site survey
→ Business paging system installation
→ CCTV security camera installation
→ Fiber Optic cable Termination & Splicing
→ Voice and data cabling
→ Troubleshooting voice and data cabling
→ Server room design

→ Access point installation
→ Telephone cable installations
→ Computer Network Cabling
→ Server room cabling
→ Data center wiring
→ Fixing fiber cabling issues
→ Upgrade old cable systems
→ Cleanup cable systems

Structured cabling company
We are full service network structured cabling vendor serving Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Georgetown, St. Catherines, Niagara falls, Toronto, Brampton, Vaughn, Ajax, Pickering
Fiber optic cabling


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Comparing CAT6 Vs CAT6a cables

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Selecting the right viewing angles for your surveillance cameras

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Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to do a Wireless site survey ?

RF site surveys and heat mapping can become time consuming depending on the area being surveyed. Usually few hours to a day. Also time must be spent offsite interpreting and analyzing the wireless site survey data.

For 10 Gbps speeds do you have to use fiber cabling?

Data cabling contractors use CAT6 cables for short distances (about 35m) and CAT6a cables are used (upto 100m) to support 10Gbps data speeds. Depending on the use case fiber cables may also be used for 10GB speeds.

What is the difference between VOIP cabling and phone cabling ?

Structured cabling companies use CAT6 cables for VOIP  cabling. This is because most IP phones operate at network speeds and use ethernet to communicate with a phone system. However cable installers prefer to use  CAT3 or higher cables for digital phones.

What is the best type of cable for inter connecting two buildings ?

Typically fiber optic cables are recommended for exterior cabling. This is because fiber cables are not affected by exterior electromagnetic interferences . But there could be certain use cases for using copper (CAT6) cabling for outdoor cabling.

Can we connect our paging system with cloud PBX ?

It depends on what type of cloud phone system and the paging system you have. CablingPoint has integrated cloud PBX with on premise paging systems .