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Paging Systems installation services

Paging systems are used by many organizations for broadcasting information to its employees.  Paging systems are also referred to as public address systems or PA systems .Paging is used in companies during normal business operations as well as in emergency situations. Paging systems are useful in day to day business activities to make company wide announcements or to locate someone in a production floor. At CablingPoint we understand what type of a paging solutions are needed for differentiate environments.

Most phone systems provide paging capabilities. However it does not provide adequate coverage or the audible levels to reach all areas and employees in most organizations. Therefore a separate paging system is used. Paging system can be integrated with an existing phone system which gives the ability to page using  existing phone system in the company.

Bogen Paging system

Paging system Schematic

Horn type speakers used in noisy environments

Paging systems need to be properly designed to get the optimal benefit with regard to cost and performance.  In paging system design, one needs to understand the environment where the paging system will be deployed. A paging system designed for an office system may be very different from a paging system designed for a manufacturing floor. There are number of different parameters that need to be taken into consideration when designing paging systems. Some of the external parameters are ceiling height, floor area, background noise, operating temperatures etc.

As paging system installers in greater Toronto area CablingPoint understand the diverse paging system requirements of different businesses. For certain businesses Ontario fire code mandates the use of a paging system. Please call us for a new paging system installation  consultation or  upgrading existing paging systems.  

Noisy environments such as warehouse spaces and manufacturing floors need different types of speakers compared to less noisy office or board rooms.  It may be necessary to have attenuators in certain parts of the building such as in trading rooms and boardrooms to control paging sound levels.

It is also important to consider what type of paging amplifiers must be used in a given environment. Paging amplifiers deployed must be able to supply the high audible levels that may be required in certain situations such as in emergencies.

Poorly designed paging systems tend to have too many speakers attached to one cable run resulting in lower volume levels. Therefore it is necessary to properly calculate the number of speakers that can be attached to a single cable run by the paging system installers.

As experienced PA system installers CablinPoint understands how to design and install optimal paging system for any environment.

Paging and phone system intrface

Cone speakers used in office environments

Wall mount Baffle speakers used in places such as staircases

Paging System Features

Paging Zones

In your facility a paging system be segregated to page different areas separately. Such areas are called “paging zones".For example factory floor can be one zone and the factory offices can be another.

Phone system integration
Paging system can be integrated with an existing phone system. By doing that you can page the entire organization or a given zone by dialing an extension.

Background Music
Some companies play background music through all the paging speakers in the paging system thus giving a more soothing environment for the employees to work.

Tone alerts
Paging system can be programmed to play certain tones to notify events such as lunch breaks, shift changes etc.

Emergency Override
During an emergency situation any media that is played on the PA system can be overridden to make the emergency announcement .

Cabling Point offers paging system installation services in the following cities;
Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, RichmondHill, Markham, Hamilton, Milton, Georgetown , St. Catherines, Kitchener, Waterloo, Oshawa, Whitby.