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Network Wiring

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Coaxial cables , twin-axial cables, twisted pair and fiber optic cables have been used for network wiring over the years. Out of the above cable types twisted pair cables and fiber optic cables have emerged as the most popular cabling choices for Local Area Networks (LAN) and also for wide area networking (WAN) .Depending on the type of cable used, network standards have been developed and regulated by Institute of Electrical & Electronics engineers (IEEE) . Standard used for Ethernet networking is IEEE 802.3 .

We always believe in following the industry best practices when running cables regardless of the type of cables used.


Proper Cable labeling

Color coded cabling

Use good tools

Network wiring best practices

→ Use good quality cables
→ Test all cable drops
→  Label all cable drops
→  Use color coded cables
→  Be aware of the maximum cable length
→  Use good quality terminations
→  Use proper tools for crimping and patching