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Oakville Fiber Optic and CAT6 Cabling company

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Network Cabling and Wireless network design Company in Oakville

Oakville has many different types of business such as offices, warehouses , retail businesses etc. Our certified cable installers have done many fiber optic projects in Oakville. Last two years we have upgraded old CAT5 cabling systems to CAT 6 in Oakville and Burlington . We are experts in low voltage wiring for any data , phone or industrial application. Lately CAT6A cabling is gaining ground for 10Gbps applications . Specially for high bandwidth applications such as Video, voice or large sensor data volumes CAT6A is deployed. With the improvement of Internet of Things (IOT) , to transmit data from tens of thousands of end points (end devices) need cabling infrastructure that support higher bandwidth such as CAT6A.

We design and install paging systems for any environment . Typically we use AWG16 or AWG18 cables for paging systems . However we have paging system solutions that support IP protocol to run on the  existing data network cable infrastructure with CAT5e and CAT6 . IP paging systems save cost of installing  new cables for paging speakers. Typically for warehouse spaces we deploy horn type speakers and for office environments we use cone type speakers. For optimum performance of the paging systems , it must be properly designed by an experience designer who understands the design environment very well. Poorly installed paging systems cost more to maintain and does not perform well. 

Wireless Network designers in Oakville

We are Ekahau certified wireless site survey company serving Oakville . We provide end to end solutions when deploying IT and phone networks for  company of any size. Both wired and the wireless parts of the local area network must be designed for optimal performance. We perform predictive WiFi network design during the the  network design phase to simulate the real life environment with known parameters.  Properly done predictive design will simulate the real life network very closely. However unforeseen environmental factors such as external interferences may affect the performance of the actual WiFi network.  Therefore after implementing the wireless network active / passive Wireless site surveys and heat mapping are done to validate the design and make modifications  to the original design to get the best performing WiFi network. We have many years of experience in deploying wireless access points, configuring and testing wireless AP controllers from vendors such as Cisco and Ruckus.  We are experienced in deploying both indoor and outdoor WiFi networks for companies in Oakville.

Fiber Cabling

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Our cabling services in Oakville
In Oakville we offer all of the following cabling related services. Our customers rely on our exceptional customer service and workmanship when it comes to cabling services.

Fiber optic cable systems
⇒ WiFi site surveys
Troubleshooting cabling problems
Business paging systems
CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a cabling
⇒ Structured Cabling
⇒ Server room design
⇒ Wireless access point deployment
⇒ Network wiring services
⇒ Business paging Systems
⇒ Data center cabling services
Phone/voice cabling