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Designing a Server Rooms

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Cabling inside a server room needs careful attention to details. Server room wiring is part of designing an efficient and practical server room setup. We can assist in designing a server room.

Server room design considerations

⇒ Sizing and location
⇒ Controlling the environment
⇒ Cable Management
⇒ Fire suppression system
⇒ Environmental monitoring
⇒ Redundant power sources
⇒ Power backup
⇒ Physical security
⇒ Location of DMARK

Cable management in racks

Rack arrangement in a server room

In a server room setup, cable management is needed inside the server room, between the racks and also inside the racks. Fiber optic cables are fragile in nature therefore can damage easily. Therefore we recommend separate cable managers for fiber optic cables and CAT6 cabling. Typically cable trays are used above the server racks for connectivity between the racks. Inside the rack we use vertical and horizontal cable managers for organizing the cables.